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Arrival to the Ypäjä Equine College

Hevosopisto / Arrival


Ypäjä Equine College – Top Expertise in the Equine Industry in Excellent Conditions

We are conveniently located near Highway 10, approximately 20 kilometers from Forssa in the direction of Turku. The distance to the college is 75 km from Turku, 100 km from Tampere, and 130 km from Helsinki. We are always close by, so welcome to explore and experience the world of the equine industry with us.

For Guests Accompanied by Horses at Ypäjä Equine College:

For those staying in the Maneesitalli and Stable V:

Turn from Varsanojantie onto Ahteensuuntie and follow the signs. For those staying in Stable IV: Turn from Varsanojantie 203 (Ypäjä-hall corner) into the stable yard and follow the signs.

Day Visitors:

Parking for horse transport is located between Opistohalli and Stable V, accessible via Ahteensuuntie. For those staying in Stable IV, there is parking behind the stable. Please do not park horse transports in the Ypäjä-halli or Opistohalli courtyards. General visitor parking is available in the Opistohalli parking area.

In the Sports Area:

During events, visitor parking is available on the inner side of the trotting track. The entrance for cars is from Kartanonkyläntie. Follow the "Yleisö" sign. During events, horse transports are parked in the Sujuva area, and between Sujuva and Derbykenttä. On weekdays (e.g., during training sessions or derby practice), the horse transports park in Sujuva. If you park your horse trailer in front of the stone wall, please ensure that the loading ramp does not obstruct the passage for trotting horses.