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equine physio

Hevosopisto / Equine Physio

Equine physio

At the Equine College, there is an equine rehabilitation facility. The rehabilitation facility offers services such as an underwater treadmill, salt room, magnetic therapy, Flexineb respiratory nebulizer, and laser treatment device.

Starter Package!

It's advisable to gradually introduce the horse to the underwater treadmill. We have designed an affordable starter package, which includes:

4 sessions within 2 weeks
1st session – 15 minutes of water up to the fetlocks
2nd session – 15 minutes of water below the knee
3rd session – 30 minutes of water below the knee
4th session – 30 minutes with a generous water level

Price 95 euros including VAT 24%

Price List:

Underwater Treadmill 30min €40
Underwater Treadmill 30min + Salt Room Treatment €45
Underwater Treadmill 30min + Solarium €45 Underwater Treadmill 30min + Laser 30min €60
Salt Room Treatment approximately 30min €25
Laser 30min €40
Magnetic Therapy €15
Underwater Treadmill + Magnetic Therapy €45
Flexineb Respiratory Nebulizer €15
Underwater Treadmill + Flexineb €45

Prices include VAT 24%.

Treatment series:

  • 10-session card for magnetic therapy €135
  • 10-session card for Flexineb €135
  • 10-session card for underwater treadmill €360
  • 10-session card for laser 30min €360
  • 10-session card for salt room €225
  • 10-session card for underwater treadmill + salt room €405

Full Rehabilitation Package* €950/month (starting from March 1, 2018)

(*includes full board for the horse and, according to the plan made with the owner/vet, the possibility to use the following treatments: underwater treadmill, laser, salt room, magnetic therapy, and respiratory nebulizer, as well as any other possible exercise such as driving or riding)


To book a session or inquire about our services, please contact us through the following:

Phone: 040 86 71 400

We recommend booking in advance to ensure availability. Thank you!


Equine Physio is located in the same building as the horse hospital and farrier workshop.

Access to Equine Physio is through the back of the building.

Address: Siittolanmäentie 6A 1, 32100 Ypäjä