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Finnderby Festival / CDI Finnderby

Two of our most traditional events merge into one grand event – the Finnderby Festival. The festivities will extend for an impressive three weeks!

WEEK 1 / June 5-9
Dressage, show jumping, and para-dressage. National and Regional Level.
In dressage, there will be Ponycup, Juniorcup, and Talent Cup. Show jumping will feature Juniorcup, Ponycup, Children Riders’ Cup, Small Ponycup, Amateur Series, Talent Cup, Racing Novice Series, and Finnderby XXXXVIII. Para-dressage will include a regional-level class.

WEEK 2 / June 13-16
Dressage, show jumping, eventing, and para-dressage. International and National Level.
As one of the highlights of the summer, Hevosopisto will host the second international dressage competition of the year. The categories include CDI3*, CDI1*, CDIY, CDIJ, CDICh-A, CDIP, CDIU25, and para-dressage CPEDI2* and CPEDI3*. Show jumping will feature the Pohjola series. In eventing, the Mannerheim Eventing Competition will also determine the senior Finnish Championship medals and host a Big Tour competition. Young riders will also compete for the Finnish Championship during the weekend.

WEEK 3 / June 18-19
Eventing. National and Regional Level.
Medium Tour and Small Tour.