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Markus Scharmann’s Showjumping Clinic

Markus Scharmann works as the director of the German Olympic Committee’s equestrian training and education center in Warendorf. He is responsible for professional training and collaboration with the German Equestrian Federation. Scharmann has obtained certifications as a riding instructor (Bereiter) and master instructor. In addition to his work, he rides and trains young horses. Scharmann also serves as the chairman of the Equestrian Educational Network (EEN), the European network of equine educational institutions.

The clinic is open to all interested in showjumping and it’s also part of the training for coaches, teachers, and students of the Finnish Equestrian Federation (SRL) and the Equine College. It also provides continuing education for Talent coaches, national team coaches, federation’s coaches, as well as riding instructors and coaches.

You can also update your coaching license with the Finnish Equestrian Federation during the clinic.

The clinic focuses on coaching show jumpers and training show jumping horses.


Monday 22nd april


9.30-10 Arrival at the auditorium

10.00 Theory part, Auditorium

11.30 Lunch

12.30 Course building, Opisto-ridinghall

13.00 Practical part, Opisto-ridinghall

14.30 Training

15.45 Training

17.00 Training

18.15 Training

19.30 Conclusion and summary of the day

20.00 Dinner

Tuesday 23th april

8.15 Course building – Opisto-ridinghall

8:30 Training

10:00 Theory part, Auditorium

11:30 Lunch

12:30 Training

13.45 Training

15:00 Training

16.15 Training

17.30 Conclusion and summary of the clinic


MONDAY 1 day, €61.50 (incl. service fee)

TUESDAY 1 day, €61.50 (incl. service fee)

MONDAY and TUESDAY 2 days, €111.50 (incl. service fee)


MONDAY and TUESDAY 2 days ETF member, €106.50 (incl. service fee)

The organizer reserves the right to make changes.

For inquiries about available riding spots, contact:
The cost for a riding spot is €210/2 days.

Reservation and cancellation policies