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Food Waste Awareness Week in the Cafeteria – Together for Less Waste!

We are delighted to announce that next week, our cafeteria will be celebrating Food Waste Awareness Week. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to collectively make a positive impact on the environment and learn to appreciate the value of reducing food waste.

How you can help:

Throughout the week, our kitchen will weigh the daily food waste generated by diners, and the results will be reported later. You can do your part to reduce food waste by:

🍽️ Portion Mindfully: Take only as much food as you can eat.

🚯 Avoid Overfilling: Refrain from putting food on your plate if you’re unsure whether you can finish it.

🤝 Remember Our Community: We all share the responsibility of reducing food waste and making a positive environmental impact.

In Spring, a Cake Reward:

As spring approaches, we will repeat the food waste weighing. If, together, we have successfully reduced food waste, our kitchen will reward you with a delicious cake. This serves as an incentive to maintain good practices and recognize the value of food.

We thank all those who participate and contribute to the success of our Food Waste Awareness Week. Together, we can achieve significant results and reduce food waste.

Best regards, The Kitchen Staff