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Guidelines for safety in Ypäjä Eguine College stables

  1. Helmets must always be worn while riding, driving, lunging, free jumping, and when instructing foals. Additionally, helmets are to be worn on a case-by-case basis when working with young horses and stallions in other situations.
  2. Mobile phones should not be used while riding, driving, or leading a horse.
  3. Smoking is prohibited when working with horses within the Hevosopisto premises. The entire area is designated as a non-smoking zone.
  4. Always inform the stable when and where you are taking a horse. This notification is mandatory when dealing with Hevosopisto horses.
  5. Only one horse should be led at a time, and leading must be done by walking.
  6. Gloves and lead ropes/reins are to be used when leading horses. Do not wrap the end of the rope or reins around your hand.
  7. Hevosopisto horses must be led out of the stable area while wearing bridles.
  8. When leading horses, handle them by the neck/withers area. People should walk ahead in tight spaces, such as doorways and gates.
  9. If hay is brought to the paddock while turning out horses, it should be carried in a bag.
  10. Reflective vests are mandatory when working with horses during twilight and in the dark.
  11. All work with Hevosopisto horses is to be conducted as instructed by the supervisor/instructor.
  12. Hevosopisto staff and students should wear safety shoes whenever working with horses, except when specific tasks require rubber boots or other appropriate footwear due to the weather.
  13. Sitting on the floor or ground is not allowed in the stable area.
  14. Keep your jacket or sweater fastened.
  15. Long hair should be tied back while in the stable and when working with horses.
  16. Hevosopisto staff, students, and others working with Hevosopisto horses should not display visible piercings or dangling earrings.
  17. Be vigilant, observe your surroundings, and anticipate unexpected situations.
  18. Additional guidance on safe practices is available from stable, teaching, and coaching staff.