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Ypäjä Equine College

Hevosopisto / Ypäjä Equine College

Ypäjä equine College

Ypäjä Equine College is the national equestrian training center and the largest institution in the field, located in Kanta-Häme in Ypäjä.

Our goal is to educate highly skilled professionals in the industry who are competitive on an international level. The competition and training activities at the training center provide excellent conditions for learning.

Hevosopisto Oy is a non-profit limited company owned by the Finnish state, the Finnish Trotting and Breeding Association, the Finnish Equestrian Federation, and the municipalities of Forssa, Jokioinen, and Ypäjä. The institution operates under the permission of the Finnish Government and the supervision of the Ministry of Education.

Hevosopisto Oy operates on a site of over 300 hectares, some of which is owned by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE) and Metsähallitus. In collaboration with Ypäjä Equine College, the same area hosts the Hippolis Center of Expertise, the Finnish Equestrian Sports Museum, LUKE, Ypäjä Equine Hospital Ltd, and a specialized animal sample laboratory, Ellab.



Customer-Centric Approach
We operate with a strong focus on serving our learners, equine industry professionals, and partners. We set high goals to earn the respect and trust of our customers. We work in a customer-oriented manner, creating top-notch conditions tailored to their needs. As a result, Hevosopisto becomes an attractive learning environment.

Our operations are economically sustainable, environmentally friendly to the best of our ability, and prioritize the well-being of horses, professionals, and students. We promote equine welfare and serve as a role model for responsible horse interaction.

Active Development
We are at the forefront of the equine industry, continuously and systematically advancing our expertise in equine science and sports. We are industry experts, constantly enhancing our skills to ensure the highest standards. We nurture a culture of learning and fearlessly experiment with new approaches to evolve.