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Packed with enthusiasm and international collaboration!

The IGEQ seminar 2023 at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna are significant events in the equestrian industry. The training not only advances the field but also strengthens international relations.

Representing Finland at the seminar were CEO Heli Kivimäki-Manner and riding instructors Perttu Pasuri and Anu Korppoo from the Ypäjä Equine College, along with Katri Korpi from Harjun Oppimiskeskus and Tiina Loisa from Brusaby.

This international collaboration is a true force in the equestrian industry!

IGEQ (International Group for Equestrian Qualifications) is an important organization that promotes the significance of riding instruction and standardizes qualifications internationally. Its aim is to ensure high-quality riding instruction that provides excellence and safety in teaching while enhancing the competence and expertise of equestrian professionals worldwide. IGEQ aims to create common standards and guidelines for riding instruction, strengthening the expertise of industry professionals and laying a solid foundation for the development of riding education.

Riding instructors who have studied in Finland can inquire about obtaining an international work passport from the representative of the Finnish Equestrian Federation, Anu Korppoo, at